Jeremiah 44:22-23

So that the LORD could no longer bear, because of the evil of your doings, and because of the abominations which you have committed; therefore is your land a desolation, and an astonishment, and a curse, without an inhabitant, as it is this day. Because you have burned incense, and because you have sinned against the LORD, and have not obeyed the voice of the LORD, nor walked in his law, nor in his statutes, nor in his testimonies; therefore this evil has happened unto you, as it is this day.

El SEÑOR no pudo soportar más, a causa de la maldad de vuestras obras y a causa de las abominaciones que habíais cometido; por eso vuestra tierra fue convertida en ruinas, objeto de horror y maldición, sin habitantes, como está hoy. Porque quemasteis sacrificios y pecasteis contra el SEÑOR y no obedecisteis la voz del SEÑOR ni anduvisteis en su ley, ni en sus estatutos, ni en sus testimonios, por tanto, os ha sobrevenido esta calamidad, como sucede hoy.

How long will God be able to bear what is happening in the world today? Many of these same things are happening these days and God has been very gracious in not just destroying it all. Will man ever listen and heed the maker of all? Why do we not recognize that if we worship and follow Him, our lives will be good and full? God doesn’t want bad for us; He never has. We have brought it all on ourselves.

Father, please forgive. Please!!!! In Jesus’ name—Please!!!




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