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Romans 4:14

For if they who are of the law be heirs, faith is made void, and the promise made of none effect

Porque si los que son de la ley son herederos, vana resulta la fe y anulada la promesa

Essentially, this scripture says that if we have to follow every tittle and slash of the law, like a list, God would have been a liar. God doesn’t lie. Grace is our only hope. None of us can follow the law. We are all headed to a eternal fire unless we do one thing. What is that? Follow the 5th commandment? Maybe the 8th? Nope, we just accept the free gift; we reach out our hands and our hearts and take the free gift that our Father gives us in His Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus hung on a cross for hours; he was beaten and bloody; trampled and scorned. Most importantly, 3 days later, He arose from the grave and showed us we too can arise from the grave. Eternity will be paradise if we just accept God’s very special gift to us; the gift of grace through Jesus Christ our Lord.



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